A Dehumidifier for Soap Making?


We're always very excited to hear of new and interesting uses for our dehumidifiers and today we got a great one!

Linda Lasker of Lather With Linda is using our highly-rated NWT Medium 20L Dehumidifier during the curing process of her wonderful handmade natural Castile soaps. Linda uses our dehumidifier to keep the room humidity levels low while her soaps are curing. Linda tells us that this can reduce the overall curing time by approximately two weeks in our humid Queensland climate. How interesting!

Thank you for letting us know about this Linda, great stuff! If anyone else out there has an interesting use for our dehumidifiers or air purifiers, please tell us all about it.

If you're in the greater Brisbane area, make sure to take a look at Linda's "Lather With Linda" Facebook page. She does a great job. Lovely to see someone following their passion. We are happy to hear that Linda's soaps are mild and gentle, (with no chemicals or artificial agents) great for those with skin sensitivities and also great for pets!

Made with extra virgin olive oil and drizzle of extra virgin coconut oil to give lather and longevity and a dash of raw honey (harvested locally). Unscented, Lavender pure essential oil bars and Lemon pure essential oil bars. Extremely good value and eco-friendly, biodegradable and great for those who enjoy camping and the outdoors. Linda is based in the Jindalee, QLD area and her products are available to pick up by appointment.

Thanks again Linda and a very happy new year to all of our Ausclimate friends out there!


Russell Bryan
Ausclimate Co-founder
visit the website: ausclimate.com.au