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Hi there folks, in keeping with our 'healthy indoor climate solutions' motto, we'd like to take a special moment to wish our Ausclimate-friends all the best in these difficult times. We know very well that our health is just so important, so please take care of yourself and others as much as you can right now.

We have also come across an excellent info-guide from our friends at Sensitive Choice about The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Asthma: https://www.sensitivechoice.com/news-media/coronavirus-covid-19-and-asthma
This includes some very useful suggested steps and recommendations. Thanks Sensitive Choice!

We also thought that given many of us potentially spending more time at home, that it might be a good time to put out a friendly ‘maintenance’ reminder to be checking and cleaning those air purifier and dehumidifier filters for optimum efficiency.

Dehumidifier filters are located behind the front grill of the machine and can be easily accessed by removing the water tank for most models. If in doubt, please refer to your relevent user manuals. Once removed these filters only require a simple rinse in water to clean.

Air Purifiers:
Here's a link to an Air Purifier Cleaning Guide that we put together a little while ago: https://www.ausclimate.com.au/article/ausclimate-air-purifier-cleaning-guide

Please note that while this guide was originally based on our Winix Ultimate 5 Stage Air Purifier (AUS-9500), the main part of the information can also be applied to our other air purifier models.
• For these other models, regular cleaning of the pre-filter is even easier because it is not actually attached to the other filters. Just remove as above, quick clean and return to the machine. It’s that easy.
• For Zero models, never clean or submerge your HEPA filter, Pet Filters or Activated Carbon Filters in water, only the pre-filter!
• Again, if in doubt, please check your relevent user manuals.

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all.

All the best!


Russell, Allan & the Ausclimate family-team