Air Purifier Competition Winner Catch Up

A great little video here that brightened our day, sent in by our Christmas Air Purifier Competition Winner, Michelle McKay. Michelle let us know that everyone in the household has been really benefitting from the Air Purifier, including the "fur-kids". As you can see here, her lovely little rescue cat, Macey seems particularly fond of it! 😊

"Hi team 😊😊 We are absolutely loving the air purifier! So much in fact my little rescue kitty is absolutely obsessed with it.. She loves the clean, fresh air and literally puts her little face right over the vents for fresh air. Really does show that not only do we benefit from air purification, but animals do too.

This has been such a great machine. As a sufferer of serious sinus problems requiring surgery again, this has really helped me with the problems sinuses cause me..I run this machine every day and am so happy with it. It's certainly a purifier I can confidently recommend to anyone wishing to purchase one...even my little Macey who is absolutely obsessed with it... Not only beneficial to us, but to our animals too!

...Ausclimate you certainly have her as a big fan of your products too- It really does show that it helps EVERYONE in the household... both the humans and furkids! I love the purifier- the lights, settings, filter are great too.. Im blessed to have one in my household! Thank you again! <3"
~ Michelle McKay, Wildlife Rescuer

Thanks so much for the update and kind words Michelle, it always warms our hearts to hear that our products are making a difference for people. Just great to hear! We do get lots of feedback on how good these machines are for use with pets and pet-related allergies.

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