Allergy Season IS COMING!


Some of us (like Allan here at our most recent Marsden Park Costco event) are spooked by Halloween ghouls and skeletons, others are scared by the dreaded upcoming ALLERGY SEASON!

Yes, that time of year is upon us again and affecting many of us already! A word of advice for all of our Winix air purifier owners out there to take ‘preventative' measures, rather than ‘reactive' ones in removing those allergens from your air. For example, if you know it’ll be a windy day, keep those windows and doors closed. We also know from personal experience how much of a difference-maker it can be to already have that air purifier running at all times this time of the year. Key areas can be the lounge-room, home office/study or in the bedroom while we sleep. Really, anywhere that YOU are! Lets do our best to keep that ‘scary' allergy-season at bay this year!

For those of you who may not already have an air purifier (or need another one), you can find all the details here; Winix air purifiers. Now is a great time to buy with our Awesome August Cashback Special. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. As the allergy-season continues, we’ll do our best to share some more handy tips and guides right here!


Russell Bryan
Ausclimate Co-founder

Ausclimate On-Location:
  • August 26-September 1 - Costco Canberra 39-41 Mustang Ave, Majura Park, Canberra Airport, ACT 2609

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