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We often get some wonderful customer reviews for our Winix Air Purifiers, so we thought it high-time that we share some of them with you! This lovely review came from Angela, who has since become a great friend of Ausclimate, even arranging for 2 Winix Zero 4 stage air purifiers for her local school fundraising silent auction! (pictured)

"My 10 y/o Gives it 5 Stars!

When even my 10 y/o can notice a difference! My daughter suffers from bad allergies, especially in Spring. Walking into her room after the Winix has been running all night honestly resembles fresh morning air. Within 5 minutes I can tell the Winix is doing its job as there will be no more sniffling or rubbing of eyes. We also have a Golden Retriever and the Winix definitely gets rid of that dog smell. Looking at getting another two units as we keep shuffling the one we have from room to room. So happy with this product and so happy with the service it comes with. Ausclimate are fantastic people to do business with - which is a bonus!"

Thank you so much for your lovely words Angela. Just fantastic to know that our Winix air purifiers can make such a difference for the whole family!


Russell Bryan
Ausclimate Co-founder

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Ausclimate's Air-Purifier and Dehumidifier ranges are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Program. Our products are proudly manufactured and tested just for Australia. Ausclimate is a family owned Australian company since 2011, industry leaders in customer satisfaction.