Healthy Breathing Month: Air Purifiers

Healthy Breathing Month Air Purifiers

For those of us who suffer from asthma & other breathing issues, it’s a scary thought that the very air that we breathe can be a big part of frequent flare-ups. A top-quality air purifier can be an excellent option to clean the air in our homes and eliminate many of these triggers. We thought that Healthy Breathing Month would be a great time to share this little go-to guide about our WINIX air purifiers especially for those of us who suffer from respiratory issues.

Healthy Breathing Month: Air Purifiers

At it’s most basic, our WINIX air purifiers will actively remove asthma and allergy triggers from your air (airborne dust, mould spores, dust mites and VOCs are a few examples)

WINIX air purifiers will reduce/remove:
  • Airborne viruses and bacteria (filter harmful viruses, bacteria & other contaminants to protect the health of the young & elderly members of your family)
  • Unpleasant odours and VOCs (such as harmful chemical vapours & gases)
  • Pollens and other airborne particles (seasonal pollen & allergens can cause breathing problems, sneezing, itchy skin & sore eyes to sufferers of hay fever and asthma)

Our air purifiers also work great for all of the pet-lovers out there by removing pet hair and dander allergens from the air. They also do a great job of providing clean breathing air for our furry friends.

Our Ultimate 5-Stage WINIX air purifiers also feature air quality smart sensors that will automatically adjust the settings to suit the changing indoor environment

Ausclimate are very proud of the fact that our NWT Dehumidifier range & WINIX Air-Purifier range are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice programme. Give them a visit to find some excellent air treatment content this month:

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Stay tuned to this space throughout ‘Healthy Breathing Month’ as we’ll continue to spotlight more great information and resources to help you & your family to breathe easier.


Russell Bryan
Ausclimate Co-founder