Healthy Breathing Month: Dehumidifiers

Healthy Breathing Month: Dehumidifiers

When it comes to asthma and respiratory issues, the removal of ‘flare up triggers’ or ‘allergens’ can be a key part of the puzzle. Some key steps that are always good to keep in mind include; regular cleaning of your home, fresh air and cleaning the actual air in your home with a quality air purifier. While these steps are great, an issue that people often miss is the moisture levels in the home. Being Healthy Breathing Month, we thought that this would be a great time for a guide all about this issue of moisture in the home and keeping it under control with a quality dehumidifier!

Healthy Breathing Month: Home Moisture & Dehumidifiers

Everyday moisture is one of the most common underlying causes for the many of the triggers affecting sufferers of asthma and other respiratory issues. These moisture levels can build up over time due to rainy weather, everyday condensation from showers, your washing, the dishes or even the very presence of people contributes to moisture levels in the air. Without comprehensive ventilation, these moisture levels can lead to conditions conducive to a range of well-known allergens/triggers such as mould, dust mites, cockroaches and a range of other nasties.

Regular use of a quality dehumidifier will actually remove this moisture from your air, helping to dry your home and eliminating those moist conditions & resulting triggers.

Ausclimate’s range of dehumidifiers will prevent/remove:
  • Mould growth: reduce the moisture levels throughout your home
  • Dust-mite breeding: reduce by drying out your mattress and carpet – they need dampness to breed
  • Dampness: attracts cockroaches, ants and a range of other nasties (cockroach droppings can also be potent allergens)
  • Condensation & water damage: often a problem during those cooler winter months (you’ll be surprised how easy the condensation disappears)
  • Musty smells: a definite sign you have excess moisture (let your dehumidifier get rid of this moisture and help freshen up the rooms)
Clothes drying:

In addition to this primary purpose, our dehumidifiers also work great as energy efficient clothes dryers. Very handy during dreary weather or for spaces with limited outdoor clothes drying options. More cost effective than the average clothes drying machine & no more shrunken clothes!

Picking the right dehumidifier:

We offer both dehumidifier technology options; the popular NWT 'Compressor' Dehumidifier range (great for a variety of temperatures), as well as the very effective Ausclimate Cool-Seasons 'Desiccant' Dehumidifier range (great for temperatures consistently 20 degrees and below).

The right size:

“Size is important”. A key consideration in dehumidifier selection is picking the right size dehumidifier for the job. The easiest measure of the strength of a dehumidifier is the amount of litres of water that it can remove in a day. Our NWT Supreme All Seasons model is our most powerful domestic dehumidifier removing up to 50 LITRES of moisture in just one day!

We are here to help

Please take a look at the rest of our website to find out all about our full dehumidifier range. For any questions or extra information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are only a call away! ph: 1800 122 100 (free call)

Ausclimate are very proud of the fact that our NWT Dehumidifier range & WINIX Air-Purifier range are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice programme. Give them a visit to find some excellent air treatment content this month:

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Stay tuned to this space throughout the rest of ‘Healthy Breathing Month’ as we’ll continue to spotlight more great information and resources to help you & your family to breathe easier.


Russell Bryan
Ausclimate Co-founder