Time To Clean Those Filters!

Alison Review Winix Compact Air Purifier
Alison Review Winix Compact Air Purifier Dirty Filter

Hi there folks, we received this lovely Winix Air Purifier review with these great pictures on our Facebook a few months back that was so good we thought we’d give it a share on here with you. As you can see, this Winix Compact 4 Stage Air Purifier is certainly doing it’s job! Alison notes that this dust and muck has been collected from her air in just 2 months!!

A timely reminder for us all to be cleaning our Winix air purifier filters. Check out our handy cleaning video right here if you’d like a refresher: Winix Air Purifier Filter Cleaning Guide Video

“Having indoor pets an air purifier was a must. This is less than 2 months worth of stuff collected from the air. I couldn’t recommend air purifiers more highly.” - Alison G

Thanks so much for your kind words Alison, we couldn’t agree more! We are currently looking after our son's dog and can assure you that our Winix is running 24/7!

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all. Always here to help.

P.S. another reminder that if you're in need of replacement filters for those air purifiers, don't miss out on our Winix Australia Filter Club. The best way to lock in EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on all of your Winix air purifier replacement filter purchases at no extra cost.


Russell Bryan
Ausclimate Co-Founder

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