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Model WDH-610HA

Preparation & setting up your dehumidifier

  • Place the dehumidifier in the worst moisture affected area
  • Close windows and doors to speed up the drying process
  • Consider operating an extra fan at low speed to assist with air circulation
  • For optimum drying, operate in room temperatures between 20˚C and 30˚C

Drain options

  • Water tank option – remove and empty water tank each time it fills with water
  • Continuous drainage hose option – connect a 12-13mm hose to the rear drain outlet and run the hose to a suitable drainage point (the sink is ideal)

Methods of drying

Initial drying

To achieve deep-down drying of your boat or other indoor area, we recommend the following steps:

  • Set the dehumidifier’s humidistat control dial to ‘continuous’. This will allow the dehumidifier’s drying process (compressor) to run continuously
  • If using the water tank option, the dehumidifier will stop automatically when the water tank is full. Empty the water tank and continue use
  • If using the continuous drainage hose option, the water will drain continuously from the dehumidifier to the chosen drainage point

Continue this drying process for 1 – 2 days in each room. This period will vary depending on the moisture problem & size of room. If you are unsure please give your Ausclimate representative a call

Follow up or maintenance drying

Option 1

Follow up the deep-down drying process with regular intervals of maintenance drying to help prevent your boat or other indoor areas reverting to excessive moisture levels.

To achieve this we recommend following the same steps as above, except you will only need to run the dehumidifier somewhere between 6 – 12 hours at a time.

The regularity of this drying will vary according to weather conditions & seasons. Generally once or twice a week is sufficient

Note: These models work great in conjunction with a timer

Option 2

Consider choosing constant ‘pre-set’ humidity levels within your boat or other indoor areas after the deep-down drying process

To maintain room humidity levels we recommend the following steps:

  • Set the dehumidifier’s humidistat control dial to ‘normal’. This setting will maintain the relative humidity level at approximately 60%, however this can be adjusted higher or lower by turning the dial.
  • Empty the water tank manually, or alternatively use the continuous drain option

Note: The dehumidifier’s compressor will automatically stop when the room’s humidity level has been reduced to the selected setting. The compressor will then restart again when the humidity rises above the selected setting and will switch on and off as the humidity fluctuates

The dehumidifier’s fan will operate continuously throughout the above process, however it will stop when the tank fills with water

Safety tips & reminders

This Operating Tips document is intended as a guide only

  • Electrical appliances should not be left running unattended for extended periods
  • Don’t ‘over-dry’ by operating dehumidifier at ‘low humidity’ settings for extended periods
  • Don’t let children operate or play near the dehumidifier
  • Refer to the User’s Manual for other operation and safety warnings
  • Contact your Ausclimate representative for clarification or further information if unsure about the safe and efficient operation of your dehumidifier

For any additional questions or clarifications please get in touch:

1800 122 100 (free call)