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Preparation & setting up your dehumidifier

  • Place the dehumidifier in the worst moisture affected room
  • Close windows and doors to speed up the drying process
  • Open wardrobe doors, particularly if the wardrobes are musty and affected by moisture
  • Consider operating a ceiling fan on low or medium to speed up the drying process
  • For optimum drying, operate in room temperatures between 20˚C and 30˚C

Drain options

  • Water tank option – remove and empty water tank each time it fills with water (recommended)
  • Continuous drainage hose option – allows you to bypass the dehumidifier’s water tank, which avoids the need to physically empty the water tank each time it fills

Methods of drying

Initial drying

Commence by 'deep-down' drying your home, concentrating on one room at a time. This method will remove excess moisture levels in your furnishings, walls and ceiling therefore returning your room to its original dry condition.

To achieve 'deep-down' drying of each room, we recommend the following steps:

  • Set the dehumidifier’s humidistat to either ‘continuous’ or 30%. This will allow the dehumidifier’s drying process (compressor) to run continuously for best drying results.
  • The dehumidifier will stop automatically when the water tank is full
  • Empty the water tank and continue use
  • Continue this drying process for 1 – 3 days in each room. This period can vary depending on the dehumidifier’s capacity, severity of moisture, size of room & temperature. If you are unsure please contact your Ausclimate representative.

Note 1: Reduced moisture collection in the water tank may be an indication that the dehumidifier has removed or nearly removed the excess moisture e.g. the dehumidifier’s water tank has filled once or twice, but it then takes several hours to collect a very small amount of water.

Note 2: The dehumidifier should be rested for 2-3 minutes before emptying the water tank. This will allow the moisture around the dehumidifier’s ‘cold coils’ to drain away before removing the water tank. Any additional water may be removed from the dehumidifier by unplugging the rear drain and tilting the machine backwards.

Follow up or maintenance drying

This will help prevent surface dampness in your room & furnishings from reverting to excessive moisture levels. The regularity of this drying will vary according to weather conditions & season - generally turning your dehumidifier on once every few days or so, through to several weeks in dryer seasons.

For this procedure we recommend setting the dehumidifier’s humidistat to the same setting used for the initial drying.

Dehumidifier operating time will vary as well depending on room size and humidity however we suggest running the dehumidifier for approximately 6 – 12 hours at a time.

Note 3: Larger capacity models may dry more than one room at a time during maintenance drying

Handy tips for holiday homes, boats, caravans and storage rooms

Whilst we don’t recommend leaving your dehumidifier running unattended for long periods we do understand it may be convenient to do so in certain situations such as in holiday homes, boats, etc. Nevertheless, we recommend periodically overview/checking the dehumidifier’s operation from time to time.

Using an additional independent timer is a great option in these circumstances.

Firstly, we recommended following the initial ‘deep-down’ drying procedure as described on previous page, then:

  • Connect gravity fed ‘continuous’ drain hose to the rear drainage outlet of the dehumidifier ensuring it is directed downwards to a sink, floor waste, etc (check for kinks)
  • Plug dehumidifier into timer and ensure timer is turned on
  • Turn on the dehumidifier and set humidistat to 50%
  • Set timer to turn on dehumidifier for approximately 6 – 12 hours at a time, once a week. The drying times and intervals will vary depending on your situation such as seasons and room size

Note 4: The ‘timer’ option is not available for the NWT All Seasons 35L dehumidifier due to this model’s heating feature.

Drain hose: 1 metre ‘gravity fed’ drain hose is included only with selected models

Safety tips & reminders

This Operating Tips document is intended as a guide only

  • Regularly check and clean the air filter
  • Electrical appliances should not be left running unattended for extended periods
  • Don’t ‘over-dry’ by operating dehumidifier at ‘low humidity’ settings for extended periods
  • Don’t let children operate or play near the dehumidifier
  • Do not disassemble the dehumidifier
  • Refer to the User’s Manual for other operation and safety warnings
  • Contact your Ausclimate representative for clarification or further information if unsure about the safe and efficient operation of your dehumidifier

For any additional questions or clarifications please get in touch:

1800 122 100 (free call)