How do I select the right size dehumidifier?

One of the most important points to consider when purchasing a dehumidifier is to make sure it is powerful enough to do the job. All dehumidifiers collect water however to really solve moisture related problem such as mould, musty odours etc. a dehumidifier must have enough power or water extraction to sufficiently dry everything within the room. This includes drying it structurally. See below for an easy step-by-step guide.

Dehumidifier Size Guide
1 - Measure the largest room* you want to dry (length x width = square meters) then that will determine the minimum (smallest) size model dehumidifier to choose.
2 - All our dehumidifiers’ specifications have an ‘up to’ recommended room size†. Select the model dehumidifier that has at least an equal or higher recommendation e.g. your room measures 25 square meters, therefore the minimum model size will be the NWT Medium dehumidifier which has a recommended room size up to 30 square meters.
3 - If you want to maintain dryness in multiple rooms then just add the rooms’ measurements together and select the appropriate size dehumidifier

*If you have an open plan living area e.g. kitchen, dining and living room, that have no doors, you will need to combine the total area of all rooms. Stairwells will also have to be taken into consideration.

†Our recommended room size is the floor area measured in square meters with average height ceilings (approx. 2.5m). If you have extra high ceilings you will need to consider a dehumidifier with a larger recommended room size.

Important: If you have severe moisture problems or require further advice, please contact an Ausclimate expert today. We are here to help you solve your moisture problem for good!