• What sets Ausclimate's warranty apart from the rest?

    Ausclimate is an Australian company selling only products that are designed & tested to our Australian Standards. We believe in speedy service where customers should not have to wait weeks on end for inspections or repairs to be carried out. Our warranty process is efficient and streamlined, meaning less fuss for you & if there is a valid fault, replacing a faulty model with a new one.*

  • How long is my warranty?

    All our models carry a 2 year full replacement warranty for domestic use or 6 months for non-domestic use. (These warranties do not apply to our commercial models, please refer to commercial section.)

  • Do I need to register my warranty when I buy from Ausclimate?

    No. If you purchased direct from Ausclimate we will have your purchase details on file. (Note: keep your receipt if purchasing through approved resellers)

  • Who do I call if I have a problem?

    Call Ausclimate on 1800 122 100. It doesn’t matter if you bought direct from Ausclimate or from one of our approved resellers.

  • Does a warranty claim have to be sent away for inspection?

    In most situations we can accurately access/troubleshoot the problem over the phone. However, there may be rare occasions when it will need to be returned to Ausclimate.

  • Who will pay for the warranty-product to be returned for inspection?

    Generally Ausclimate will take care of all warranty-return costs.* (There may be rare exceptions e.g. remote or overseas locations)

  • What happens if it's out of warranty and I have a problem?

    Call Ausclimate and we will see what options are available. It is possible that we can help to troubleshoot the problem. It may also be possible for a local authorised electrical appliance repairer to assist.

  • What does ‘Domestic Use’ mean when it comes to my warranty?

    'Domestic Use’ means use inside your typical home environment. ‘Non Domestic Use’ applies to any situation outside of typical home use. (These warranties do not apply to our commercial models, please refer to commercial section.)

  • What happens if it is damaged during delivery, am I covered by warranty?

    Yes. If your purchase is delivered damaged, please contact Ausclimate immediately. We will arrange to send out a new replacement model. (Please note, if you have used your own courier, you will need to contact your courier for advice.)

  • Am I covered by this warranty if I purchase from overseas or from unauthorised sources?

    No, Ausclimate’s warranties apply only to models designed and approved for Australian use and through Ausclimate-approved resellers. Second-hand sales are also excluded from this warranty agreement.

  • What happens if an inspection reveals no fault with the unit or that the fault or damage was caused by misuse?

    Ausclimate may at its discretion reject the warranty claim and/or return the unit to the customer at the customer’s expense.

  • If I have a faulty model that is replaced with a new one, does my warranty period start again?

    No, the warranty period is always from original purchase date.

* Unit replacement & free delivery in most cases, pending inspection of unit. Free delivery/pickup limited to most major Australian cities & regional areas. Some exclusions may apply to certain rural areas and overseas. Warranty claims must be determined to be valid to satisfy these warranty conditions. Ausclimate provides warranty against defects and workmanship from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. The product or any part found to be defective will be remedied at Ausclimate's option through our authorised service agents and importantly at our expense. This warranty is void in cases where the product has been abused, mishandled, tampered, used under wrong voltage and/or repaired/ serviced by unauthorised parties. Please refer to the Commercial section of our website for commercial model warranty information.