What is the right model for me?

Selecting the right air purifier should depend on room size, your family’s specific health conditions, pets and to a lesser extent budget. We recommend that the following criteria be taken into consideration when deciding between the Winix Compact 4-Stage, Winix Zero 4-Stage and Winix Zero+ PRO 5-Stage air purifiers:

Optimum Room size
All models are suited for various sized rooms, our suggestions for each model are as follows:
Winix Compact 4-Stage air purifier: ideal for rooms sizes of approx. 29.5 M², making it perfect for bedrooms, baby nurseries, kitchens and even home offices
Winix Zero 4-Stage air purifier: ideal for 38.2 M² room sizes such as large bedrooms, apartment living areas and granny flats
Winix Zero+ PRO 5-Stage air purifier: ideal for 49.5 M² room sizes such large open-plan living areas (lounge/dining/kitchen) or workspaces

NOTE: All models may still be used in smaller rooms than explained above – the benefit of doing so may include quicker purification of the air

All models have certified Hospital Grade True HEPA filters rated to remove tiny ultra-fine particles with minimum efficiency of 99.97% @ 0.3 microns, making them ideal for removing dust, pollens, dust-mites & mould spores.

All models will remove many asthma triggers such as dust, pollens, dust-mites & mould spores, with the activated carbon filter providing protection from VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Viruses and bacteria
All models have a certified Hospital Grade True HEPA filter and PlasmaWave technology, which help remove viruses and bacteria.

Pet dander
The Winix Zero+ PRO 5-Stage model features a dedicated pet filter, which is designed to remove those tiny flecks of pet dander/skin that are shed, along with the pet’s hair, fur or feathers. All models also have the certified Hospital Grade True HEPA filter and PlasmaWave® technology, which help the tiniest particles shed by your pets. Don’t forget the activated carbon for those ‘other’ unpleasant pet odours and smells.

Chemical sensitivities
All models models have activated carbon filters for the additional protection from VOCs (volatile organic compounds) - commonly found in most homes.

General health protection
All models remove many allergens that may affect our breathing. They have highest quality filters to remove allergens such as dust, pollens, dust-mites & mould spores, viruses and bacteria, as well as hazardous airborne vapours & gases.

Please take a look at our latest Winix Air Purifier Comparison Chart for further specific unit comparison information. Or if you're still unsure which model is right for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch to speak to our industry experts.