What’s the best way to use a Winix air purifier?

Winix recommends running the air purifier continuously (24/7) to provide maximum air cleaning efficiency. There are many facts that may influence how long you run your air purifier, however we suggest ‘more is better than less’ – as the running costs are negligible.

It’s okay to run the air purifier only in the rooms that you are occupying. As example, day-time use for the kitchen/lounge/dining areas and night-time use for bedrooms. It’s also okay to use the air purifier just for sleeping, ‘a chance to recover from breathing allergens during the day, while at work, school or play’.

Handy tip 1: Set your fan speed to ‘turbo’ for a while before going to bed. This will quickly and thoroughly clean the pollutants from the air on your bedroom, then reset the fan speed manually to a setting such as ‘medium’ for the remainder of the night for a quiet peaceful night’s sleep.

Handy tip 2: If the air purifier is in the same room, you can set the fan speed to high or turbo when making a bed or vacuuming as this activity usually stirs up dust and lint. Putting the air purifier onto a higher fan speed setting for 10—15 minutes after you have finished will ensure the unit has a chance to filter out these airborne particles before the settle of surfaces.