What’s the best way to use an air purifier?

The manufacturer recommends running the air purifier 24/7 to provide maximum air cleaning efficiency. There are many facts that may influence how long you run your air purifier, however we suggest more is better than less – as the running costs are negligible.

It’s okay to run the air purifier only in the rooms that you are occupying. As example, daytime use for the kitchen lounge areas and nighttime use for bedrooms. It’s also okay to use the air purifier only when you are sleeping, ‘a chance to recover from breathing allergens during the day, while at work, school or play’.

Handy tip: Set your fan speed to ‘turbo’ for a while before going to bed. This will quickly and thoroughly clean the air of pollutants, then reset the fan speed to either ‘auto’ or ‘medium’ for the remainder of
the night while sleeping.