Why a Winix air purifier?

Winix are the internationally acclaimed Korean manufacturer who has been producing high quality award winning air purifiers since 1973. The official Winix Australian-Certified range are manufactured and designed specifically for country of use and in our case can be easily identified with the ‘AUS’ prefix as part of the model number.

This range is thoroughly tested & fully compliant with Australian Standards and other Industry Standards/Regulation for full confidence in quality & safety.

“Australia’s Most Recommended Air Purifiers”
Winix have built a strong reputation in Australia and have proudly come to be known over the years as “Australia’s Most Recommended Air Purifiers”.
Key recommendations include:
National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Approval
Official CHOICE Recommendation (Zero+ PRO Overall Best Performer 2020)
Product Review #1 Rated True HEPA air purifier brand
Product Review 2019/2020 Air Purifier of the Year Award Winner

“Australia’s Most Complete Air Purifiers”
Winix air purifiers remove a wide range of harmful airborne pollutants such as mould, dust-mites, dust, smoke, bacteria, viruses and VOC’s through a comprehensive 4-5 stages of filtration. This includes Winix’ unique PlasmaWave® technology and certified Hospital Grade True HEPA Filtration. The combination of this truly comprehensive filtration system with state-of-the-art intelligent design & reactive, ‘smart’ features makes Winix “Australia’s most complete air purifiers”.