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After that first year of air purifier use when you're in need of replacement filters, you can rest assured that we've got you covered. We have the full Winix Australia Certified Air Purifier replacement filter range at great value prices. Ausclimate are your long-term solution for clean & healthy air.

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WINIX 4-stage filter value-pack
$140.00 $126.00

AUS-5500 Value pack combo of washable Pre-filter, H13 rated Hospital Grade True HEPA filter & Carbon Filter 4-pack (Advanced Odour Control)

WINIX 5-stage filter cartridge value-pack
$160.00 $144.00

AUS-9500 Cartridge combo of washable Pre-filter, Australian Hospital Grade True HEPA filter, washable Activated Carbon filter (palletised natural coconut wood) & Anti-Bacterial Mesh Shield (attached to Activated Carbon filter)

WINIX GI ZERO 4-stage filter value-pack
$149.00 $134.00

GI Zero 4 Stage Value pack combo of Deodorization Activated Carbon Filter & Hospital Grade True HEPA filter
(Suitable for model AUS-1050AZBU)

WINIX GJ ZERO+ PRO 5-stage filter value-pack
$169.00 $152.00

GJ Zero+ PRO 5 Stage Value pack combo of Deodorization Activated Carbon Corrugate Filter & Australian Hospital Grade True HEPA filter
(Suitable for model AUS-1250AZPU)

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customer testimonials

  • “I bought this air purifier as someone who had come to the end of their tether! I was constantly getting allergies and having Asthma attacks due to dust, pollen, pet dander etc and nothing was working. No amount of medication and sprays helped and the symptoms kept coming back. I ended up finding this purifier on line and after a very informative chat with Allan – I bought one and hoped for the best. ...All symptoms have gone from night 1 and have not returned! I am beyond surprised, super relieved and now can focus on LIFE again. Thank you for changing my life and helping me feel ‘normal’ again! Best investment I ever made!”
    - Elisa James
  • “My wife just loves your machine – every morning she takes it from the bedroom to the living room and back again each night. It is fantastic for her – stops the Asthma in its tracks.”
    - Grant Williams of Rutherglen, VIC
  • “Since [my father-in-law] has been using it he has not had any hay fever at all!! It has made such a difference to his day and he know he’s going to get a good nights sleep as well. He is delighted with it and moves it from room to room. Thank you so much for a great product.”
    - Honnie Cameron of Strathfieldsaye VIC
  • “Thank you for your email regarding my air purifier, it has been amazing and it has really helped in the house. We purchased this for our dog who has emphysema from all the dust that has been in our air over the last two years. It has helped the whole family and we love the product. Thank you to the staff”
    - David & Susan of Bolton Point NSW
  • “For the past 11 years I have suffered with extreme hay fever and sinus problems and worse yet, I have not slept well in all that time. ...From the first night [with my Winix Air Purifier] ...my sleep was a lot deeper and I actually woke up with a clear head – not snuffly and snotty – and as an added bonus [my partner] Scott didn’t snore at all the entire night! ...This is something that has made an incredible difference to me, my health and my life.”
    - Jillian Rutherford of Benowa, QLD

customer testimonials