dehumidifier benefits

thinking of purchasing your first dehumidifier?

Our range of dehumidifiers improve the comfort levels within your home, protect your property & valuables & most importantly, reduce your exposure to serious health risks.

They are energy efficient, easy to use, highly portable and require minimal ongoing maintenance.

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Dehumidifiers are the most effective means of extracting moisture from the air in your home, providing dry & healthy air for your family.

Sensitive Choice - National Asthma Council Australia

our NWT dehumidifier range has been approved by
the national asthma council australia
sensitive choice programme

  • Stop mould & mildew: Mould not only damages your home & contents, but also produces allergens causing serious threats to your family’s health - mould thrives at levels above 60% humidity
  • Stop condensation: reducing the overall moisture levels within your home can stop or at least minimise condensation & water damage
  • Reduce musty smells: Lack of air circulation & the presence of moisture, mould or mildew create unpleasant musty odours
  • Reduce health risks: Mould spores & dust mites are common triggers for allergies, asthma & other respiratory symptoms, thriving in moist conditions
  • Protect valuables & furnishings: Excess moisture can damage your home contents - clothing, footwear, bedding, electronics, artworks, collectables & furniture
  • Reduce pests: Cockroaches, ants & other insects breed rapidly & thrive in high humidity. Cockroach droppings are also potent allergens
  • Dampness & water spills: Save your home from moisture damage to carpet, walls, window sills & ceilings - a dehumidi er is a vital drying tool in the water damage restoration industry
  • Energy efficient: Environmentally-friendly, low power consumption
  • Economical clothes dryer: Avoid condensation, shrinkage & sun damage - the ideal all round clothes dryer