WINIX ULTIMATE 5-stage air-purifier

$699.00 $649.00

This advanced model includes PlasmaWave™ Technology, anti-bacterial mesh shield, auto ‘set & forget’ settings, ‘smart’ dust & odour sensors, replacement filter indicator, suited to effective cleaning within bedrooms & lounge-rooms

Model no: AUS-9500
(start-up filters included for approx. 1 yr continuous use)


Get maximum value on your purchase by adding your 1st replacement filter to your order, all ready to kick in after your 1st year of use.

$160 RRP, now only $129 w/ add-on purchase

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The Winix air purifier will improve the air quality in the home, office or medical premises by cleaning out the airborne pollutants like mould spores, dust and dust mite (faeces), pollens, smoke, pet dander, odours, harmful chemicals & gases and importantly viruses and bacteria.

While this cleaner air brings relief to asthma sufferers and those affected by respiratory issues, anyone can benefit from using the Winix air-purfier to protect themselves from the harmful effects of polluted indoor air.

Breathe easier, sleep better, feel rested and refreshed. Winix; the most complete air-purifiers on the market!


  • 5-stages of air filtration
  • Recommended for room sizes up to 26 square metres / maximum up to 65 square metres
  • Lightweight and easy to move from room to room
  • PlasmaWave™ technology - neutralises pollutants with positive and negative ions
    (no harmful ozone)
  • Certified H13 Hospital-grade True HEPA filter
    - captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns
  • Activated carbon filter - captures chemical vapours
    (80% of airborne VOCs within 60 minutes) as well as offensive odours
  • ‘Nano-mesh’ antibacterial shield - neutralises viruses & bacteria on contact
  • Certified clean air delivery rates
  • Energy efficient as low as 0.2 cents/hour to operate
  • Low noise levels
  • Dust sensor – monitors dust & other particles and automatically controls these levels
  • Odour sensor – monitors odours & gases and automatically controls these levels
  • Auto mode smart sensor – monitors & allows ‘set & forget’ air quality control
  • Light sensor – automatically activates ‘Sleep Mode’ at night-time, dimming the panel lights to ensure quiet energy efficient operation
  • Timer settings – allows operation to user’s preferences
  • 4 fan speeds - flexibility of manual adjustment
  • ‘Turbo’ fan speed allows increased air circulation to clean pollutants very quickly
  • Replace filter indicator – provides warning when air filters require replacement
  • Replacement air filters – reliable availability at ‘value for money’ prices
  • full 2 year domestic replacement warranty / 6 month non-domestic warranty


Air-Purifier Comparison Chart

Instruction Manual

Info Sheet

detailed specifications

Model Information
Model AUS-9500
Product Name Winix Ultimate 5-Stage Air Purifier
Room Size (AHAM rating) Suitable for a large room – 26sq m (26m²)
Maximum Room Size (2x air flow rate/hr) 65sq m (65m²)
AHAM CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) scores 183/182/194 (Smoke/Dust/Pollen)
Replacement Filters Cartridge Filter
Feature Information
5-Stage Air Cleaning
  1. Washable anti-bacterial pre-filter
  2. True H13 Hospital-grade HEPA filter - 99.97% @ 0.3 microns
  3. Nano Silver anti-bacterial mesh shield
  4. Washable activated carbon filter
  5. PlasmaWaveTM Technology
PlasmaWave™ Technology
True HEPA Efficiency 99.97% Hospital grade (H13 Certified)
Anti-Bacterial Nano Silver Mesh
Washable Activated Carbon Filter
(advanced odour & chemical control)
Washable Anti-bacterial Pre-filter
Energy Star Qualified (USA/Europe)
Dust Sensor
Odour Sensor
Light Sensor
Sleep Mode
Auto Mode
Off Timer Settings 1, 4, 8 hr
Replace Filter Indicator
Number of Fan Speeds 4
Remote Control
Control Type Digital display
Colour (Body/Front) White/Silver
Technical Specifications
Unit Dimensions L x W x H (cms) 42 x 25 x 55
Unit Weight 8.5 kg
Packaged Dimensions L x W x H (cms) 48 x 32 x 62
Packaged Weight 10 kg
Voltage 220-240V – 50Hz/60Hz
Power Cord 3 pin/200 cms
Wattage (Low/High) 6/70
Air Intake Front
Air Out Vent Top
Air Flow (Low/Medium/High/Turbo) m3/hr 80/156/210/313
Sound Level – Low/Med/High/Turbo (dBA) 36.2/43.9/47.9/61.8
Certifications & Partnership
H13 Hospital-grade True HEPA Filter
PRISM Analytical Technologies VOC Air Quality Testing ✓ Captures 80% of airborne VOCs within 60 minutes (98,000ng/L to 20,000ng/L)
ERAC (Australian Electrical Safety Standards)
QEC Global (Australian Electrical Safety) Compliant
UL/CUL Listed
CARB (Cal, USA) Compliant
AHAM (Assoc. of Home Appliance Manufacturers)
Drexel University Plasma Institute Research partners
Warranty Information
Warranty (domestic) 2 years
Warranty (non-domestic) 6 months