testimonials - air-purifiers

  • What a ripper product
    “After buying the Aus-9500 for home & loving it, I got the Aus-5500 for the office (Both from Ausclimate). My work environment is extremely dusty & it affects my breathing & makes me cough most of the day. NOT ANY MORE! This unit has transformed my working day. I hardly cough at all, am less tired & way more productive. I’m so happy with this unit & the service from Ausclimate.”
    - Claye
  • “We have just arrived home from overseas and caught up with my father in law which we bought the air purifier for. Since he has been using it he has not had any hay fever at all !! It has made such a difference to his day and he knows he's going to get a good night's sleep as well. He is delighted with it and moves it from room to room. The purifier has given him allot of confidence to know that he has the best possible air to breath , I still can't believe how compact and quiet it is either. !!! Thank you so much for a great product.”
    - Honnie Cameron, Strathfieldsaye VIC
  • “Thanks so much for your Company’s service ... from Allan’s time and advice during our phone conversation last Friday and then to the extraordinary attention and service from your Victorian Sales rep. Pete, I have been very grateful, Thank you! I have waited a few days to reply because I wanted to also give you some feedback on the success/or not of the product with my husband using it… Happy to say he has enjoyed some sneeze free night’s sleep although he does wake still (habit I think) he has found his nose not blocked like it was most nights recently. The unit certainly does provide enough airflow in the room without the need for the window to be open. So that too is a positive! Thanks again and I hope the unit continues to provide my husband with better quality air to enable him to rest easier ~ because believe me he was exhausted fighting to breath each night”
    - Glenda, Beaumaris VIC
  • “I bought this air purifier as someone who had come to the end of their tether! I was constantly getting allergies and having Asthma attacks due to dust, pollen, pet dander etc and nothing was working. No amount of medication and sprays helped and the symptoms kept coming back. I ended up finding this purifier on line and after a very informative chat with Alan – I bought one and hoped for the best. That was four weeks ago. I followed his instructions and put it on all night to allow my body to rest and recover from any allergens during the day and guess what!? All symptoms have gone from night 1 and have not returned! I am beyond surprised, super relieved and now can focus on LIFE again. Thank you for changing my life and helping me feel ‘normal’ again! Best investment I ever made!”
    - Elisa James
  • “My wife just loves your machine – every morning she takes it from the bedroom to the living room and back again each night. It is fantastic for her – stops the Asthma in its tracks.”
    - Grant
  • “Thank you for you email regarding my air purifier, it has been amazing and it has really helped in the house. We purchase this for our dog who has emphysema from all the dust that has been in our air over the last two years. It has helped the whole family and we love the product. ... I am so happy with my air purifier; it really has been the best thing we have invested in a long time. Our air quality has been really poor in our region, since approval of three major developments had been given the green light. The amount of dust in our home had been unbearable and this led to our pet contracting emphysema. Since we purchase the air purifier we have seen major health improvements in not only our dog’s health but our own health, so we would like to thank your all for having the foresight to invest into such a wonderful product.”
    - Susan and David